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, 2007

Dr Ilias Mylonis
Lecturer in Biochemistry
Tel. 2410 685577
e-mail: mylonis@med.uth.gr


1997: Degree in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
2003: Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Research interests:

Investigation of regulation of the human Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1 (HIF-1).

Research experience:

  • As a Ph.D. student (1998-2003) I have studied the kinase (SRPK1) that phosphorylates the arginine/serine motifs of the inner nuclear membrane protein Lamin B Receptor and the role of this phosphorylation on protein interactions that influence chromatin condensation. In parallel, I also studied the regulation of SRPK1 activity by CK2-dependent phosphorylation.
  • Research work at the laboratory of Dr. Sassone-Corsi (2002-2003) where I have studied the protein interactions between chromatin and nuclear envelope components during spermiogenesis.
  • Post-doctorally, in the group of Dr. Simos (2005 – up to now) I have been mainly investigating the role of HIF-1α phosphorylation and its effect on HIF-1α activity and nucleocytoplasmic transport. Additionally, I have been involved in several studies that concerned HIF-1α expression in tumor samples.

Teaching experience:

  • Part-time teaching and research assistant (2005-2008) for Enzymology at the dept. of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Univ. of Thessaly.
  • Teaching and reasearch assistant (2006-2008) and lecturer (2008-2010) for Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry at the School of Medicine, Univ. of Thessaly.


  • During my research work in the Laboratory of Dr. Paolo Sassone-Corsi at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC) Illkirch, France, I have been supported by a fellowship from Égide (March 2002 - February 2003).
  • EMBO short-term fellowship to visit the Laboratory of Dr. Symeon Siniossoglou at Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (CIMR) Cambridge, United Kingdom (June 2010 - September 2010).


  • Best poster presentation at the 57th meeting of the Hellenic society of biochemistry & molecular biology for the report: I. Mylonis, G. Chachami, M. Samiotaki, G. Panayotou, E. Paraskeva, E. Georgatsou, S. Bonanou, G. Simos (2005) Characterization of the human Hypoxia Inducible Factor HIF-1α phosphorylation.Hellenic society of biochemistry & molecular biology, Book of Abstracts of the 57th meeting, 52, 142.
  • Honorable mention for oral presentation at the 59th meeting of the Hellenic society of biochemistry & molecular biology for the report: I. Mylonis, G. Chachami, E. Paraskeva and G. Simos (2007) Activity and intracellular transport of human Hypoxia Inducible Factor HIF-1α depend on the presence and phosphorylation status of a novel unconventional Nuclear Export Signal. Hellenic society of biochemistry & molecular biology, Proceedings of the 59th meeting, Newsletter, 54, 208.

List of publications:

1. Kalousi A*, Mylonis I*, Politou A, Chachami G, Paraskeva E & Simos G (2010) Casein kinase 1 regulates human hypoxia inducible factor HIF-1. J Cell Sci In press. *Equal contribution(pubmed)

2. Ioannou M, Mylonis I, Kouvaras E, Papamichali R, Daponte A, Paraskeva E, Simos G & Koukoulis G (2010) Validated analysis of HIF-1α expression in cancer cells using a controlled and comparative immunoassay. Oncol Rep 24, 161-169.(pubmed)

3. Lakka A, Mylonis I, Bonanou S, Simos G & Tsakalof A (2010) Isolation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1) inhibitors from frankincense using a molecularly imprinted polymer. Invest New Drugs, 10.1007/s10637-010-9440-4.(pubmed)

4. Ioannou M, Papamichali R, Kouvaras E, Mylonis I, Vageli D, Kerenidou T, Barbanis S, Daponte A, Simos G, Gourgoulianis K & Koukoulis GK (2009) Hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha and vascular endothelial growth factor in biopsies of small cell lung carcinoma. Lung 187, 321-329.(pubmed)

5. Ioannou M, Sourli F, Mylonis I, Barbanis S, Papamichali R, Kouvaras E, Zafiriou E, Siomou P, Klimi E, Simos G, Roussaki-Schulze AV & Koukoulis G (2009) Increased HIF-1 alpha immunostaining in psoriasis compared to psoriasiform dermatitides. J Cutan Pathol 36, 1255-1261.(pubmed)

6. Mylonis I, Chachami G, Paraskeva E & Simos G (2008) Atypical CRM1-dependent nuclear export signal mediates regulation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha by MAPK. J Biol Chem 283, 27620-27627.(pubmed)

7. Daponte A, Ioannou M, Mylonis I, Simos G, Minas M, Messinis IE & Koukoulis G (2008) Prognostic significance of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1 alpha(HIF-1 alpha) expression in serous ovarian cancer: an immunohistochemical study. BMC Cancer 8, 335.(pubmed)

8. Triantafyllou A*, Mylonis I*, Simos G, Bonanou S & Tsakalof A (2008) Flavonoids induce HIF-1alpha but impair its nuclear accumulation and activity. Free Radic Biol Med 44, 657-670. *Equal contribution(pubmed)

9. Lyberopoulou A, Venieris E, Mylonis I, Chachami G, Pappas I, Simos G, Bonanou S & Georgatsou E (2007) MgcRacGAP interacts with HIF-1alpha and regulates its transcriptional activity. Cell Physiol Biochem 20, 995-1006.(pubmed)

10. Mylonis I, Chachami G, Samiotaki M, Panayotou G, Paraskeva E, Kalousi A, Georgatsou E, Bonanou S & Simos G (2006) Identification of MAPK phosphorylation sites and their role in the localization and activity of hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha. J Biol Chem 281, 33095-33106.(pubmed)

11. Mylonis I, Drosou V, Brancorsini S, Nikolakaki E, Sassone-Corsi P & Giannakouros T (2004) Temporal association of protamine 1 with the inner nuclear membrane protein lamin B receptor during spermiogenesis. J Biol Chem 279, 11626-11631.(pubmed)

12. Mylonis I & Giannakouros T (2003) Protein kinase CK2 phosphorylates and activates the SR protein-specific kinase 1. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 301, 650-656.(pubmed)

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