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, 2007

Dr Andreas Tsakalof
Assistant Professor of Medical Chemistry
Tel. 2410 685580
e-mail: atsakal@med.uth.gr

Andreas K. Tsakalof. Assistant Professor of Medical Chemistry nowadays focuses his research activities on:

1) fabrication of molecularly imprinted polymers and their application for the identification and isolation of bioactive molecules for the regulation of Hypoxia Inducible Factors (HIFs) and bio-molecules involved in HIFs activation pathways.

2) application of chromatography and chromatography-mass spectrometry in clinical chemistry and toxicology

His research experience covers the fields of separation sciences(chromatography and chromatography mass spectrometry), biochemistry, analytical clinical chemistry and analytical toxicology, polymer chemistry, magnetic resonance (EPR). He co-authored 46 publications in peer reviewed journals, three patents and his publications received 412 citations (h index 13, 2012 Scopus).

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