Welcome to the website of the Department of Immunology & Histocompatibility, of the University of Thessaly Medical School. Following a preparatory 3 year phase, it was established as an independent unit in 2005, becoming thus the younger Department of our University.

     The Clinical Section of the Department, located at the University Hospital of Larissa (700 beds), provides top-quality services covering a complete range of immunological diagnostic testing, including molecular diagnostics for immunodeficiencies, molecular HLA-typing, immunophenotyping of hematological malignancies, etc. In this context it functions as a reference immunological services laboratory for the four Regional Hospitals of Thessaly (2.000.000 population). Moreover, the Department maintains, in collaboration with the National Transplantation Organization, a local Registry of Unrelated Bone Marrow Donors.

     The Research Section, located in the Medical School Campus, adjacent to the University Hospital, is equipped with cutting-edge cellular and molecular technologies. Cancer Immunology, regulation of inflammation and primary immunodeficiencies represent the thematic research priorities conducted in our Department thanks to the support of several competitive European and national grants.

     Education in Immunology is a major effort of our Department. As such, we train medical students at their first and third year of studies. Major attention, however, is given in the immunology training of post-graduates. We not only participate by offering an advanced course in Immunology to students enrolled at the Master’s Course of our School, but also we collaborate with other Hellenic Universities enabling several post-graduate students to undertake their theses in our Department. Finally, several biochemists, biologists, and medical doctors joining our research programmes are working towards their doctoral theses.

     Quality is the backbone of all our practices. Every activity of our Department, education not excluded, is officially certified by appropriate external bodies.

     We hope that, in our web pages, you will find more information about all the above helping you to get to know us better.

                                                               Professor Anastasios E. Germenis, M.D., Ph.D

'Design and Provision of Diagnostic and Research Services in Molecular and Cellular Immunology. Implementation of Educational Services in Immunology and Immunotechnology' (BS EN ISO9001:2000, Approval Certificate No: 6005506)

'Performance of Immunology & Histocompatibility tests on Human Biological Specimans' (EN ISO9001:2000, Approval Certificate No: 0105003)

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