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A. Clinical

     The DIH provides immunological diagnostic services to patients of the University Hospital of Larissa as well as to those reffered by Regional Hospitals of the Thessaly area (1.500.000 population). Approximately 15.000 patient samples are examined per year, which represents the second highest in Greece. This is also true regarding the number of the detectable parameters which translates into a complete line of immunological tests including:
-  Protein chemistry and complete function evaluation (approximately 50 analytes)
-  Cytokine studies (diluted in biological fluids, intracellular concetration, cell production)
-  Allergy (specific IgE and IgG against approximately 1.000 allergens)
-  Autoimmunity (approximately 60 analytes)
-  Congenital and acquired immunodeficincies, including molecular diagnostics
- Immunogenetics, including HLA typing, antibody screening and lympocyte cross-matching    services
-  Immunophenotyping of hematologic malignacies
-  BALF immunophenotyping

B. High-tech services

     The efficient utilization of its diagnostic and research infrastructure represents a priority of DIH, so as to achieve a financially independent function. To this end, the following activities have been developed as having high commercialization potential, and they are offered on a user-pay basis to other research centers as well as to the private biotech sector:
-  Advanced immunological diagnostics
- Development of high-throughput technology applications applicable to medical diagnosis    and applied  medical research
-  Clinical validation services to companies launching relevant products
- Provision of Molecular Biological services (i.e. sequencing of cancer genes, methylation    pattern, tumor-related gene expression, tumor-related gene mutation analysis etc.)
-  Provision of Cellular Immunology services (i.e. Elispot analysis, tetramer analysis etc.)
-  Development and validation of adjuvants for immunotherapeutic applications
-  Patent development and ownership for each of the above-mentioned applications
-  Consultancy for international biotech and pharmaceutical companies
- Exclusive license usage/distribution of products held by international biotech companies    (acting for SMEs) secured through contacts with Australian colleagues