Congress and symposia

Since 2009, the Department of Medicine and Research Laboratory of Internal Medicine organizes annually the “International Congress of Internal Medicine of Central Greece” with the participation of leading international and Greek experts under the auspices of the Hellenic Society of Internal Medicine and the Internal Medicine Society of Northern Greece. Many leading scientists like, Prof. Moutsopoulos, Prof. Youinou, Prof. Shoenfeld, Prof. Dienes, Prof. Renaudineau, Dr. Espinosa, Dr. Invernizzi, Dr. Muratori, Prof. Schramm, Prof. Michel, Prof. Eibel, Prof. Farkas, Prof. van Leeuwen, Prof. Gattorno, Prof. Raimondo, Dr. Pollicino, Prof. Tatlisumak, Prof. Lenders, Dr. Syn, Prof. Hobbs, Prof. Wareham, Prof. Dalakas, Prof. Pyrsopoulos, Prof. Pinter, Prof. Steiner, Prof. Hadziyannis, Pr. Manns, Prof. Yurdaydin, Prof. Jalan, Prof. Hoen, Prof. Raptis, Prof. Nilsson, Prof. Clevert, and many others were among our invited speakers during the last years.

In addition, since 2008 the Department organizes annually the clinical symposia “Autumn Days of Internal Medicine” focused each year on one specific field of Internal Medicine.