National Expertise Center of Greece in Autoimmune Liver Diseases, General University Hospital of Larissa, Larissa, Greece

National Expertise Center of Greece in Autoimmune Liver Diseases

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Patient information leaflets

European Reference Networks – Helping patients with low-prevalence rare or complex diseases

Patient Information Leaflet

Autoimmune Hepatitis – Patient Information Leaflet

Primary Biliary Cholangitis – Patient Information Leaflet

Core Multidisciplinary Team (chart)

G.N. Dalekos, Professor of Medicine (Head) –  Chair of the Multidisciplinary Team (tel. 241350 2285)

E.I. Rigopoulou, Associate Professor of Medicine (tel. 241350 2801)

K. Zachou, Associate Professor of Medicine (tel. 241350 2889)

N.K. Gatselis,  Assistant Professor of Medicine (tel. 241350 2889)

S. Gabeta, Consultain in Internal Medicien (tel. 243150 2886)

A. Lyberopoulou, Biochemist (tel. 2410 685551)

E. Exarhou, Technician (tel. 2410 685551)

K. Galanis, Health Care Visitor (tel. 241350 2436-2437)

S. Kapeti, Administrative Secretary (tel. 241350 2285)

G.K. Koukoulis, Professor  of Pathology (tel. 2410 685548)

M. Vlychou, Professor of Radiology (tel. 241350 2914)

Ch. Rountas,  Assistant Professor of Radiology (tel. 241350 2912)

E. Alexiou,  Consultant in Radiology (tel. 2410 537661)

A. Tzikas, Information Technology (tel.  241350 1198)

M. Dalliou, Welffare Worker (tel. 241350 1027)

K. Tsolaki, Dietician-Nutritionist (tel. 241350 1766)

T. Kandri,  Psycholosist (τηλ. 241350 1055-1066)

Clinical practice guidelines for management of autoimmune liver diseases


Publications in Peer Reviewed International Journals

Clinical – Research Studies

Clinical and reseasch studies coordinated by our Center or where our Center participates are presented here…

Patients Rights and Responsibilities

Useful documents

Patient Associations

Our Center cooperates with the following patient associations:

  • Organization of Liver Disease Patients “PROMETHEUS
  • Organization of Liver Transplant Recipients “IPARXO
  • Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA) “EXODOS
  • Autoimmune Hepatitis Association “AIHA
  • Hellenic Federation of Associations for Rare Diseases “H.F.A. – R.D.

Scientific Associations

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Contact Information

  • Outpatient Hepatology Clinic: 241350 2436, 241350 2437 (Monday-Friday 8:00-15:00)
  • Secretary: 241350 2285 (Ms. Kapeti | ), 241350 2799 (Ms. Papadopoulou | email: )
  • 24 hrs contact telephone numbers: 2413 50 1513, 241350 2884, 241350 2885

Department of Medicine, National Expertise Center for Greece in Autoimmune Liver Diseases

University Hospital Larissa (1st Floor – Building B)

Hepatology Outpatient Clinic, Department of Medicine, University Hospital of Larissa (1st Floor – Office 64-65)

Research Laboratory of Internal Medicine (Medical School, Panepistimiou 3, Larissa, Biopolis, Ground Floor, Wing 1Α, Laboratory 12)