About the Clinic...

firefox The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is located at the University Hospital of Larissa. It contains 57 beds divided into three wards an operation theatre for Gynaecological Operations and a Labourward with an operation theatre on site for caesarean sections. The Department is on call 24 hours a day and is a referral center for obstetric and gynaecological patients from all over Thessaly and the wider region of Central Greece.


firefox Labourward has 5 fully equipped delivery rooms, 1 room for special deliveries, which can be converted to surgery and 1 obstetric theatre. There is 24 hour anesthetic cover. Resuscitation area is equipped with modern electronic equipment to monitor vital signs. Patients treated in Labourward are coming from all over Thessaly and the wider area of Central Greece.


Outpatient clinics

firefox Outpatient clinics operate on a daily basis covered by senior doctors. Each clinic has its own ultrasound machine.
In gynecological outpatient clinic both emergencies and scheduled appointments are seen.


Gynaecology Section

  • The Gynaecology Section covers all kinds of gynaecological surgery facilitated in a modern environment with the latest equipment and up to date techniques.
  • The Endoscopic Section is performing all kinds of hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery, limiting the time of hospitalization to a minimum for a lot of patients.
  • The Urogynaecology Section carries out all modern operations for incontinence such as TVT placement, TVTO etc.
  • The Section of Gynaecological Oncology carries out all modern gynaecological oncology interventions.

The gynaecological oncology unit participates in the Cancer Council of the Hospital on a weekly basis.

More than 2,000 operations are performed in the Gynaecological Department annually.


Assisted Reproduction Unit

firefox Primary purpose of this unit is to assist couples with infertility problems. Innovative methods and techniques of assisted reproduction are used (insemination, IVF, ICSI) with high success rates.


Obstetrics Ward

firefox It includes an antenatal ward for high risk pregnancies and a postnatal ward for women who delivered by a vaginal or caesarean section.