1The semester

CODE LESSONS Course Type Credit Units
MA01 Fundamentals – Introduction to the mechanisms of thrombosis and the pharmacology of antithrombotic drugs Y 6
MA02 Coronary artery disease Y 6
MA03 Peripheral arterial disease Y 6
MA04 Strokes Y 6
MA05 Venous thromboembolic disease – deep vein thrombosis Y 6
total 30

2The semester

CODE LESSONS Course Type Credit Units
MB01 Venous thromboembolic disease – pulmonary embolism and special categories of patients Y 7
MB02 Atrial fibrillation, modern antithrombotic treatment Y 7
MB03 Perioperative management of antithrombotic therapy Y 7
MB04 Educational Seminar: "Clinical Thrombosis Case Development and Therapeutic Decision Making" Y 9
total 30

3The semester

CODE OBJECT Course Type Credit Units
NDE Principles of bioethics, research methodology, assignment, preparation & support of postgraduate thesis Y 30
total 30

The teaching language of P.M.S is Greek.

The language of thesis preparation is both Greek and English.